One on One Motorcycle Skills Training – Your Bike, Your Turf, Your Pace!

Whether you use your motorcycle for daily commuting, Sunday rides with friends, or long distance traveling, whether you have been riding two weeks or twenty years, we have the coaching tools to make all of your rides safer and more enjoyable. Our goal is to help you develop better riding skills, increase confidence in yourself and your machine, and mostly to have fun! Our coaching is truly one-on-one. This separates us from other classroom style programs.

Advanced Riders

You can’t use a skill you don’t have! Riding a motorcycle isn’t hard – controlling it takes work! Let’s start with experienced riders. Over our years of riding we have all developed some bad habits. We can easily become over confident. We design and customize a program to put you through your paces. By observation and demonstration, we help you find your strengths and target skills for improvement. It is work, but it is fun. Refresh the skills you have forgotten and learn new ones!

Intermediate Riders

Riding a motorcycle is easy; controlling a motorcycle takes a bit more work. This program is for riders that have a year or so in the saddle and want to find the capabilities of themselves and their motorcycle. This is the time when riding has become easy. But learning control, real control, is important. In this program we guide you through various exercises to improve your skills with the use of video and radio.

Beginning Rider

You just got your license and your new (or new to you) motorcycle. You have the very basics and now we work to get you “Road Ready” by applying real world street skills and smart thinking on your motorcycle. We want you to be safe and have more fun.

Slow Speed Skills
Street Skills
Canyon Riding
Freeway, Long Distance Riding