Don’t run from skills that scare you

I love the “Ah Ha” moment.

There are times I meet a rider that just plain and simple doesn’t want to try something new, they are afraid they won’t be able to do this particular skill.  Or they don’t want to drop their motorcycle…who does!!??  So, we modify the skill exercise and go from there. The truth is you gotta push yourself some and have faith in yourself and your motorcycle, and give it a try. screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-8-38-34-pm

At Motorcycle Coaching 101 we like to work with you to the “Ah Ha” moment.. the I get it!!! Now the fun begins. The key to the “Ah Ha” moment is practice. Once you get it now the magic begins…you are controlling your motorcycle! screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-8-36-22-pm

A motorcycle only does what you tell it to do, nothing more and nothing less. But at the same time you have to practice the skills, develop the muscle memory and practice more. Our philosophy is we start with doing new skills ‘deliberately’ so that they become ‘habit’ and after more practice they become ‘instinct’. Now you can do things with your motorcycle with confidence, you will know how to place your motorcycle exactly where you want it and when you want. This is why with a professional coach you can try skills that might scare you but you come out a better and happier rider.


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