Why 1 on 1 coaching?

It’s all about you!  With one-on-one coaching, we focus all our attention on you, your skills, and getting you to be a better and safer rider with out interruptions.  No waiting for four or five others to complete a skill. We work on developing your skills at your pace on your motorcycle. 

Do I have to have my own motorcycle?

Yes. The reason is that we want you and your motorcycle to work together and get to know each other. We coach you on skills that apply directly to your motorcycle. We use different types of motorcycles in our coaching program. We ride what you ride. We want it all to be relevant to you and your bike. 

Do I have to have a license or will a permit do?

We can work with you with your permit. There are, however, restrictions:  no night riding, no highway riding, and no passenger. We can still work to develop street skills and cornering skills. We prepare you for your DMV riding test, and have worked with many towards this goal. Then you just go to the DMV, take the test, and away we go. 

Where are the classes – where do you work?

Wherever you are – we come to you. These are not classes, these are coaching sessions.  If you are wanting slow speed skills coaching, we find an open place close to you and work there. If you are looking for cornering skills, there are many roads all over this area that are ideal (low traffic, variety of corner types).

How long are the sessions?

Normally sessions run approximately two hours or until you get tired. We watch carefully and can tell when you are getting tired. At that point you are not learning as well as you should. Some road sessions run a bit longer. We do stop every 20 minutes or so for a rest and water break. 

Do you work on weekends?

Absolutely!  We work every day that works for you. During spring and summer when the days get longer, we do “after work” sessions as well. 

Do you work with couples?

Yes. But, we generally don’t recommend it. This is a one-on-one program. We have worked with couples separately and then at the last session put them together. That is usually pretty fun. 

Do you do group clinics?

Yes. We have worked with a number of groups and all have been great fun. Groups are limited to ten riders. We will have at least two coaches there to assist. The group is generally split into two to make the sessions as functional as possible.  Signups are required in advance to assure class size. We send out a questionnaire to all riders asking what they would like to work on. From there we design a program and send it back for review. Then the fun begins. 

Do I need to wear full safety gear?

The basic requirements are a DOT approved helmet, boots or shoes that cover your ankles, and gloves.  On warm days if you want to wear just a shirt (no tank tops) for slow speed skills sessions (parking lot) that is up to you. Out on streets, highways, and canyons, a jacket with protective armor/padding is required. 

How much does it cost?

We have a variety of programs. Email or call us for details. I will be happy to send you a full line-up of programs including radio communication and video.