Keep telling yourself

Keep telling yourself “I can do this” and your body will begin to believe you. So will your motorcycle.

Too many riders, when challenged, tell themselves “I CAN’T do it“…why? My thought is because they haven’t tried it or, because they tried it and it didn’t go as planned. Things like starting and stopping on a hill, parking on a hill, dealing with rain… even U-Turns So they just give up. Maybe not give up riding, but give up learning and developing skills to be better riders, they just go ahead and ride.

Developing that kind of faith in yourself and your motorcycle takes practice. Practice is the key to becoming proficient at all skills. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis players….motorcycle racers….the list goes on…Doctors, Nurses…Motor Cops, everyone of these professions require practice.

Some of our Motorcycle Coaching 101 riders watch You Tube videos and think that will make them better riders, well…if you take notes and actually go out and practice what you have seen, then Yep…watch them and put what you see and hear to use by practice.

I admit it, I watch the You Tube videos as well, we can all learn good things from others. I have a few that I pay close attention too, take notes and then go out and try it. Some are skills that are new, some are things I already do, and some…well….let’s say, no.   One thing I have found very helpful is to go out practicing or trying new things and have somebody video me and make commentaries as I am doing the exercises. That way, I can come home, watch the You Tube video, watch the video of me and compare. It works. And besides that, my friend can laugh at me…he love’s that. Well, until I turn the camera on him…

The point of all this is to encourage you to get out and practice . Test yourself, test your bike and what you can do together. Watch the video’s, take a class, hire a coach to help you do the things that enable you to say “I can Do this“.

Ride Safe, Ride Far and I’ll see you on the Road,


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