The Ability to Control

cropped-cropped-blog_marquee.jpgThe ability to control your motorcycle gives you freedom from fear.
We work with riders of all skill levels and on a wide variety of motorcycles. We find riders strengths and areas where they could use some improvement…can’t we all?!

New riders, intermediate riders and experienced riders, we all have a fear of some aspect of riding. It may be making a U-Turn in a traffic situation or worse yet making a U-Turn on a hill (even parking on a hill), Emergency Braking, riding in the rain (it’s not all that bad really), sand or gravel in the road (loss of traction), road conditions like potholes, funky asphalt, construction zones and then there are the two freak me out…Wind and Fog. Those two instill some level of fear in every rider as well they should. But, understanding and practicing the skills to manage those situations makes the ride a lot more fun. And safer.screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-1-40-56-pm

Wise old Motorcycle Coach saying, “Practice, Practice, Practice”. The more you spend time with your motorcycle, even if it is just in the garage learning and practicing where all the controls are, or facing the bike so the exhaust is facing out and practicing the Friction Zone, the more time you spend with your motorcycle is better…motorcycles get lonely just sitting in the garage.

0719141042b Go to a parking lot and practice the skills we give you. You can do it on your way home from work, you can do it on a Saturday morning, or your lunch break at work. Learn to do things deliberately, think about what you’re doing and practice it 100 times (not all at once…you’ll get sick) after that point it becomes habit and as you continue to practice and think about what you are doing it the habit becomes instinct. Now, you control your motorcycle instead of it controlling you. You handle situations better with more confidence.

Next Blog Post will focus on Braking..where, when and how .

Until then ride safe , ride smart and love your motorcycle

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